Cider Cocktails What better way to enjoy the sunshine then with a good cocktail – and there’s no better cocktail than one with cider in! We’ve put together our top 5 cider cocktails that you have to try and can easily make right now! Who knew cider could be used in so many ways, impress your friends with these easy cocktail treats. Who knew mixing cider and honey jack daniels could work so well! We’ve chosen Little Pomona  for this exciting cocktail that is sure…Continue Reading “MUST try cider Cocktails you can make right NOW!”


Boy are you guys in for a treat this month. We have teamed up with some of the most respected cider makers in Herefordshire to help you discover what makes this county so highly regarded within the cider industry. Herefordshire is a county steeped in Cider and Perry heritage that sutterley sits just under the radar. It has produced some of the UK’s best cider makers such as Tom Oliver, Arfur Gwatkins and Ivor and Suzie Dunkerton Inspired by Herefordshire we have decided to put…Continue Reading “Special Edition: Herefordshire Cider Box”


7.2% ABV Dry Cider made in Herefordshire Little Pomona Cider was set up by James and  Susanna Forbes in 2014 in northern Herefordshire. The company was called “Little Pomona” after the roman goddess of fruit trees and Orchards. Three years on they are launching their first cider and they have a number of others still maturing in the wings. Thanks so much @LzbethP ! Very much looking forward to bringing the little lady down to you @homeofcider. Not long until your own orchard… —…Continue Reading “Cider of the Month: Little Pomona – Feat of Clay 2015 Vintage”

Discovering Somerset Cider with The Great Cider Adventure Company

Discovering Somerset Cider with The Great Cider Adventure Company  When someone gives you a call and invites you on a tour of some of the top cider makers in the UK it’s easy to clear your diary and make yourself available immediately. It’s not something that happens on a daily basis after all. I was picked up by Charlie and Virasha from Frome train station and was immediately presented with a brown plastic bottle that had a bold gold label that simply read  “Janets Jungle…Continue Reading “Discovering Somerset Cider with The Great Cider Adventure Company”

Tasting Notes: March Cider Box

It’s close we can feel it…..can you? Cider drinking weather is nearly upon us. I don’t know about you lot but the Crafty Nectar team has been staring at the window for too long now waiting for a glimmer of sunshine to allow us to get the bbq out. But with the Met Office predicting a warmer than average Spring I don’t think we will be waiting much longer. Hooray!!!! This month’s box has got some delightfully fine ciders, we have set up products from…Continue Reading “Tasting Notes: March Cider Box”


Hogans Cider French Revelation: 4.8% ABV, A keeved cider made in Warwickshire. Allen Hogan started making cider as a hobby in 1985 and 12 years ago after he felt he had perfected the process, he plucked up the courage to take his cider to Stratford farmers market and thus Hogans cider was born. Although things have moved on from those early days. Hogans still create authentic, fresh pressed ciders and we are always excited when they get in touch with new varieties and styles. They…Continue Reading “Cider of the month: Hogans Cider French Revelation”


Discover craft cider this month with our cider box tasting notes. February has had a lot going on this year, we have been recognised as ‘innovators in the cider industry,’ and were invited to the Houses of Parliament with other cider movers and shakers to champion craft cider. We also teamed up with The Stables to hold our first CRAFT CIDER tasting evening and to top that all off we have set up a Crafty Nectar exclusive for you to try in your box. This…Continue Reading “Tasting Notes: February Cider Box”


Crafty Nectar Cider of the Month: Tempted Cider’s Hand Crafted Medium Cider 5.4% ABV, 100% Juice and made in Ireland. Tempted Cider was established by Davy Uprichard and his family in 2009 and are based in the heart of Irish cider making in Armagh. Davy started producing cider using the skills he learned while making wine with his father Jimmy and by 2011 Tempted cider had won a Gold Award at the National Irish Food awards and they have gone on to win a national…Continue Reading “Cider of the Month: Tempted Cider’s Hand Crafted Medium Cider”

Here at Crafty Nectar we feel it is important to spread the word about the world of cider. With the massive amount of information out there it can be hard to know where to start, so to help our budding cider connoisseurs we have compiled the ultimate craft cider resource: a list of recommended resources for you to explore. Uk Nick Morris is a 31 year old cider enthusiast from Bristol, his blog records his thoughts and feelings about anything cider related. “…Continue Reading “The Ulitimate Craft Cider Resource”

Cider of the Month: No Brainer from The Cotswold Cider Company

Crafty Nectar Cider of the Month: No Brainer from The Cotswold Cider Company 4.8% ABV, 100% Juice and made in the Cotswold’s The Cotswold Cider Company is one that we have known for a while now at Crafty Nectar, not only for great tasting cider but also for exceptional branding and innovative ideas when it comes to cider making. Their repertoire included ciders designed to go with curry to a rare method champeniose cider. Cider Of The Week! We bring you NO BRAINER!! 👌🏻🍻 — Stable…Continue Reading “Cider of the Month: No Brainer from The Cotswold Cider Company”